Transition Resources for Sellers

The Seller’s Transition Guide


One of the largest financial assets a dentist owns is their dental practice. For most, it’s also one of their largest emotional assets as well. The “million-dollar” question is what is your practice worth and how do I transition it when I am ready? But other questions we see established dentist struggle with are:

    1. Do I wait until the end and toss the keys to the next person?
    2. Do I bring in an associate now with the goal of a short or long-term partnership?
    3. Do I sell the real estate with it or keep it for passive income?
    4. Do I upgrade the practice with newer technology and a nicer finish out prior to the sale?
    5. If I make these investments, how much will it change the valuation?

These are common questions we get daily at NDP as they consider some form of transition and explore who can best facilitate their transition process.

Our goal with the Seller Transition Guide is to breakdown the process step by step and add to your educational arsenal so you are confident and prepared throughout the process. Our goal at NDP, is to know our clients extremely well before we are formally engaged so we can understand your goals and help you transition your practice and patients on your terms in a fair and reasonable transition that gives both you and the buyer a feeling of success. Ultimately it’s our job to help remove the emotion and to get both parties to the finish-line. We hope you find the Sellers Transition Guide as a great resource and we look forward to working with you soon!

Transition Resources for Sellers

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