The best part of what we do is helping dentists transition their life’s work to the right person and helping young dentists become owners.

  • "NDP was very attentive from the beginning to end to help me close on a practice."

    Dr. Justin Tullis, General, Colorado

  • "Charles and Christy were fantastic in helping me close on my practice! Both were very informative and helpful the whole way making the process simple and stress free. Thank you both so much and the whole NDP team!"

    Dr. Denver Palmer, General, Arizona

  • "Great experience. Christy and Bridget were awesome throughout the process. COVID-19 put a lot of obstacles in front of us, but they stuck it out with me. Invaluable consulting."

    Dr. Veeraj Patel, General, Texas

  • "They are amazing. Bridget was my go to. She always had an answer. If you are reading these reviews you need the services they provide to buyers. Hire a professional, get the deal done, and move on in your career. I tried solo to close the deal multiple times over several years and it always went south. They guided me through closing during Covid. They got the deal done. I am certain you won't regret it."

    Dr. Todd Brewer, General, Texas

  • "NDP made the transition so easy! They were a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend them to everyone."

    Dr. Jordana Ruiz, General, Texas

  • "Christy and team are an absolute life saver and helped me in so many aspects of my practice evaluation and purchase. There were so many times I called her after hours and she got back to me quickly to address my needs. I am so thankful for her and her team and have recommended NDP to many colleagues already. THANKS NDP!!!"

    Dr. Zac Berry, General , Tennessee

  • "Wonderful people with great expertise."

    Dr. Bo Zhang, General, Kansas

  • "I have had an extremely positive experience with NDP. They are very expensive, but you get tailored service that is unmatched. They were always quick to respond to any and all of my questions and facilitated the practice transfer in an amazing way. I have greatly appreciated them and their help.    "

    Dr. Chad McLennan, General, Virginia

  • "Everyone at NDP was very professional. They did an excellent job matching my practice with just the right dentist for this transition. Selling a practice in a rural area can be challenging but they got the job done! Their availability to handle my questions [was] amazing."

    Dr. Saskia Vaughan, General, Texas

  • "I couldn't be happier with the results of the transition process. Christy and Charles are fantastic. The team can help at any point in the process, but if you're thinking of purchasing, or even weighing your options, give these guys a call for guidance. I also highly recommend the podcast. 5 stars!!  "

    Dr. Bryan Dawley, General, Massachusetts

  • "I recently completed the sale of my dental practice with the help of National Dental Placements and the experience was absolutely fantastic from start to finish! They helped guide me through the entire process which is a very detailed process to say the least. Christy Ratcliff, Carrie Edwards and Catriona MacLachlan were very professional at all times. They were quick to respond to emails and available for phone conversations whenever necessary to keep the process moving forward. I was 100% satisfied from my initial contact with NDP until the day we closed on the sale of my dental practice. It was a nine month process that could not have gone any smoother than it did. I would absolutely without hesitation recommend NDP if you are looking to buy or sell a dental practice. They will guide you every step of the way. I was completely satisfied with their services on a job well done!"

    Dr. Larry Tuttle, Orthodontist, New Mexico

  • "The bucket list is to visit all 30 MLB stadiums.  Thank you for making it all possible. It would  have never happened without the NDP Team."

    Dr. John Freeman, Orthodontist, Texas

  • "When I began my national search for a practice to purchase, I contacted National Dental Placements to help me evaluate the different dental practices that I was visiting.  I had no idea just how helpful they were going to be!  Christy and Dawn were amazing!  With every practice that I visited, they helped me analyze all aspects of that office.  The good, the bad, the parts that need improvement, and the red flags.  When we found the right opportunity, I had complete confidence putting in my offer, because Christy and Dawn had combed through everything with me.  Once the offer was accepted on the practice, Christy spent the next few months walking me through the entire transition process, ensuring everything was done correctly.  I feel like I would have been lost without their assistance.  They made the entire process run extremely smooth.  I can’t thank them enough! I am constantly referring my friends to them!"

    Dr. Christopher Weber, General, Tennessee

  • "The work NDP has done for me has been nothing less than stellar.  I can't thank you enough for all the incredible work done by Catriona and Christy.  They were always available, with great advice (and sometimes, consolation) when I needed it.  I had no idea that so much went into marketing and transitioning a practice.  But at every turn, your people knew what needed to be done, and made it happen, seemingly effortlessly. So I should be thanking you, and I heartily do.  I was able to sell the practice for full asking price, and just as importantly, to the right person.  The new doctor I've transitioned to has been nothing but kind and complimentary since he's been here.  It's all the good things I'd heard a transition could be, but had come to believe was impossible after the previous disappointments."

    Dr. James Lunardon, Orthodontist, New Mexico

  • "Words cannot express how much I cherished my relationship with NDP during my transition. I’ve been practicing dentistry for about 10 years now, so the dentistry wasn’t the stressful part of buying a practice, it was whether this was a good decision for me or not. Buying a practice was no longer just about treating a patient and going home, it’s about being an owner, thinking about overhead, dealing with other peoples’ personalities and making sure they get paid. Thinking about if your staff the right fit for your practice, and more importantly, the patients, or how will they accept you as a new owner? So many factors go into buying a practice that many of us don’t know from school or from working for multiple years.   I’m so grateful to NDP and Christy Ratcliff for coming into our lives and helping us understand every little detail about this practice and this transition. I am definitely a person who asks a lot of questions, and I needed someone that could be patient with me, guide me in the right thing direction and above all else, be honest with me. Today, 6 months into my practice ownership, engaging NDP is the best decision I made and I’m very grateful to Christy for mentoring me throughout this transition. I have never met her personally, but I have gained a friend for life. I thank her for helping me make the right decision for my family and am so grateful to NDP for hiring such brilliant staff. If you are in the market and are concerned about the costs of using their buyers consulting service ... let me put your mind at ease .... a) it’s a tax write off    b) what’s another few grand when you are going to be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars buying a practice! They will help you out in ways that you may have not known you even needed and might save you more than you invested with them. We don’t know everything we are dentists, let them help you with the other stuff!! It was definitely worthwhile for me and I don’t regret it one bit!! "

    Dr. Gayatri Raina, General, Texas

  • "Selling your dental practice after 20 years is a big emotional and financial decision. Christy was on our side for the entire time, answering questions, keeping the process moving along, and helping the transition go smoothly. It was priceless to know she was looking out for us during this critical time in our career. Choosing to use NDP was a smart investment and I highly recommend their services."

    Dr. Traci Simons, Pediatric, Texas

  • "Thank you NDP!  You have been wonderful to work with!  Christy & Lior were very attentive and gave lots of great guidance. Will recommend NDP to all my friends looking to transition or buy a practice."

    Dr. Nathaniel Hill, General, Arkansas

  • "Very professional, very through, extremely easy to work with!"

    Dr. John Arroyo, General, Virginia

  • "I bought my dental practice with the help of NDP. Their team was top notch and had my best interest in mind the entire time. As I was in the process of looking for a dental practice, I felt like I needed someone on my side that could ensure I was getting the best practice possible. They were as helpful as I could I have asked for. Their review of the practice was thorough and they helped me have confidence that I was making a good purchase and they helped me negotiate a great deal. I have owned my practice for a year now and it has been the best career decision I have made. I highly recommend their services."

    Dr. Dustin Van Tassell, General, Washington

  • "Christy was amazing throughout the entire process. There were no questions left unanswered and she was able to walk me through the whole process step-by-step. I highly, highly recommend NDP for your transition needs!"

    Dr. Anushka Amin, General, Georgia

  • "Words cannot explain what the team at NDP has done for me. Coming from a family of dentists I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to get there. Owning a business has always been a goal for me. I found NDP, and from there, I never turned back! Christy Ratcliff and Charles Loretto took me under their wing and guided me to a very safe and secure transition. I had a million questions for them along the way as I was very nervous about the financial portion of the deal. Not only were they always there to answer my questions with both grace and charm, but they were able to run the numbers and negotiate with my best interest in mind.               In summary, Christy was my rock in achieving my goal. I don't know how I could have done it without her and her team’s guidance, she was always available by a simple phone call, email or text. She was able to work through the financials with me and explain everything clearly in plain terms. If you want a team with confidence and experience, someone to have your back during this critical time, NDP is for you!"

    Dr. Brock Pumphrey, Periodontist, Georgia

  • "I was very impressed with NDP. They helped me evaluate, negotiate, and carry through an entire acquisition to purchase a dental practice. They always seemed to really have my interest in mind, even when it may not have benefited them directly. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone looking to purchase a dental practice."

    Dr. Derek Williams, General, Texas

  • "I would not be in my own, successful, dental practice today if it wasn't for NDP. I knew nothing about practice transitions and all of the aspects that were involved.  They handled everything - the initial practice numbers review, the additional advisor referrals, as well as providing solid advice and guidance every step of the way. One cannot afford to NOT use them. It was the best money spent in investing in my future!"

    Louisa Berman- Plaisance, Prosthodontist, Georgia

  • "I can honestly say that engaging NDP has been one of the best investments in my lifetime!"

    Dr. Steve Rayes, Pediatric, Vermont

  • "I am very impressed with National Dental Placements. They guided me every step of the way. They found an outstanding associate who now is my partner. They structured a deal that was truly win/win.  "

    Dr. Cinco Feuille, Periodontist, El Paso, Texas

  • "When I started my search to purchase a dental practice I knew very little about how to do it.  NDP was a great help to me.  From the start, they guided me step by step in evaluating different practices until I found a good fit for me.  They also referred me to various professionals along the way who were also excellent to work with.  NDP continued strong to the end to help provide a smooth transition.  I would certainly work with them again if I had to do this all over again."

    Dr. Ken Wylie, General, Oregon

  • "The process of evaluating and selling your practice after 40 years of performing dentistry is, perhaps, one area most of us are clueless about, or have our own ideas. Allowing National Dental Placements to guide you in this process will be the best investment, both financially and emotionally, for you at this time of life. I highly encourage you to allow this QUALITY team to walk you down this path, which they made so smooth for me."

    Dr. C. Lynn Davis, Orthodontist, Texas

  • "National Dental Placement did a very professional analysis and evaluation of my dental practice. [NDP] was a pleasure to work with and the valuation was done in a timely manner. The final number combined with the thoroughness of the report expedited a very smooth office transition. I would highly recommend working with National Dental Placement for any of their services."

    Dr. Charles Puntillo, General, Wisconsin

  • ""I wanted to thank you again for helping me purchase my dental practice. The transition was smooth and things are going great!""

    Dr. Aaron Stump, Pediatric, Virginia

  • "I gave an exact criteria of what we were looking for including post graduate requirements when my partner and I engaged NDP. Within a matter of months, we were presented several candidates, but I knew they found the right one when they said, 'We think we found your partner.' We interviewed Shane and he has been with us ever since. They listened to what we were looking for and found us the perfect match. Thank you."

    Dr. Wilson Lo, General, Texas

  • "NDP was so easy to work with, very attentive and “on the ball” with keeping the process rolling smoothly. During the negotiations they were very professional and were able to accomplish most of our goals without ruffling any feathers or damaging new relationships."

    Dr. Jeremy Manuele, Orthodontist, Nevada