Hey guys! On Episode 2 of Transition Talk we discussed how to find the right ownership opportunity.  Sometimes it’s easy, and where you ultimately want to go geographically there are some great opportunities.  Other times….that isn’t quite the case.  We are big fans of marketing yourself to find YOUR opportunity – if you don’t no one else will!

During the episode we discussed one method of finding an opportunity was going old school with a big yellow envelope and hard copies of your CV and Cover letter. Missed the episode? Click here to listen!


  • Figure out a list of practices in your target area: ideally 50-200
    • Pinpoint doctors who are near retirement.
    • Even if the doctor is not considering retirement or partnership quite yet, this could potentially spark their interest in doing so.
  • Begin a letter campaign
    • Write or type up your cover letter and resume.
    • Make it personal. Express your goals and desire to transition into a practice and why.
  • Prepare your envelope
    • Write “Personal” and “Confidential” to ensure successful open from doctor.
    • Doctor’s near retirement appreciate handwritten letters and recognize the extra effort.

Here is a visual of what we are talking about:


We also have some great resources for what to put in those envelopes too, check out our CV Resources! 

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