Charles Loretto


Charles founded the company in 2005 after four years in the dental field and working for Cain Watters & Associates, LLC (CWA).  Soon after joining CWA in 2001, it became apparent that there was a gap between the graduating dentist and the established doctor and NDP was launched in 2005.  Although the service lines have evolved, the end goal has not.  Charles is passionate about practice ownership and drives NDP to help dentists with their transition needs and help young dentists become owners. 

In addition to his role at NDP, Charles is a registered investment advisor and partner of CWA.  Charles joined CWA in 2001 and leads the New Client Service team at CWA .  Charles also speaks on a local, regional and national stage. 

“I have spoken to over 35,000 dentists from 52 dental schools and I have participated in hundreds of dental meetings across the country. I hear new stories each and every day. The greatest part of being a consultant is listening to those stories and sharing what works with others to motivate each individual to their own best outcome. “

Charles and his wife, Roxanne, together, have four children. In his spare time when he isn’t traveling for CWA or NDP to speak, he likes to exercise, watch sports, and travel to new places and old favorites like Colorado and Mexico.