About NDP

National Dental Placements (NDP) was founded in 2005 with the mission of helping young dentists find established practices and assisting in the transition to ownership.  The company has significantly evolved since that time.  While the mission is still to connect young dentists with practice ownership opportunities, the scope of services that we provide to both young and established dentists has greatly expanded and we offer practice listing,  practice valuation, and both buyer and seller transition consulting to our clients nationally! 

At NDP we value the concept of a team and know the whole is greater than the sum of our
parts and as a Client you will likely get to interact with many members of our incredible team! 

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Charles Loretto

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Christy Ratcliff

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Dawn Whitehurst

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Collin Griffith

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Catriona MacLachlan

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Morgan Ramsey

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Matt Doyle

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Bridget Metzger

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Jennifer Meegan

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Madison Little