Transition a Practice

There are many ways to sell and transition your practice,
and NDP can help guide you through the process.


Do you feel like retirement is near and you’d like to leave your legacy to a new dentist? Do you want to hand off ownership of your practice but continue to earn income as an associate? Are you considering hiring an associate? There are many ways to sell and transition your practice and NDP can help guide you through the process. The goal is to transition your practice at the right time and to the right person. We want to listen to what you want to accomplish and then create a plan of attack. NDP will advise you on each option and explain how it will work for you.

Our experience in the business of dentistry will provide a quick and smooth transition, no matter which path you choose to sell your practice. We can list your practice and help find a qualified buyer or an associate for you. Because NDP has relationships around the country, we will market your practice opportunity to over 14,000 candidates. Our potential buyers/associates are prescreened so you can feel confident that they can acquire a loan, perform the procedures in your practice, and meet the expectations that you have given us to acquire the perfect candidate.

Look for an Associate and Future Partner?

NDP offers a unique service to find your practice the perfect associate and future partner.

Do you need a GPR resident or someone with only one year of clinical experience? Do you need expertise with IV sedation, third molar extractions and placing implants? Perhaps you’re a specialist and looking for someone that you can mentor and ultimately transition the business to in the future. Regardless of your ideal candidate’s qualities we will help you find an associate that meets your specific set of requirements.

We believe in practice ownership and in finding the right person for your practice to start as an associate and become partner…. we structure our engagements to time investment in our services with the start and eventual buy-in of the associate/partner.  We listen to what you are looking for to expertly match personality, drive, clinical philosophy and set expectations up front, improving the chance of success.

Our connection to potential candidates is unique as we have built relationships with dental students and residents since 2004 when our lecture series began. We have over 14,000 students, residents and newly practicing dentists in our database which we market to monthly. This in addition to our relationships with key dental vendors, other dental brokers, national study clubs, national dental specific CPA firms, and other resources enable us to locate a quality pool of candidates. We pride ourselves on quality not quantity and all candidates presented to you will have undergone an extensive diligence by our team.

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