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 CV/Resume Tips

An effective resume should draw attention, create interest, generate need, and cause action all within the first 30 seconds of being viewed. Although your resume can not in itself land you a job, an effective one can help in getting you an interview. Therefore, it’s very important that your CV (i.e, your resume) reflect your personality, education, experience, and qualifications in a concise and organized manner. Writing your resume provides you with the chance to tell your story – who you are, what you do, and what you are looking for going forward. Below are some helpful suggestions…

Quantify your impact

Be specific. Present your accomplishments in numbers. Stand out from the competition by answering questions such as:

Stand out from the crowd

Many people get into selective programs, win awards, and do other notable things, but then do not convey the full magnitude of those accomplishments. You need to reveal how many other people were going for that very same position, award, program.

Other helpful tips to incorporate…

Most importantly, have a friend or colleague look over your completed CV prior to submission, a third eye is always helpful in pointing out errors or inconsistencies you may have overlooked.

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Dental School Debt

Some of the most significant changes in dentistry since 2006 are the dramatic increase in the costs of dental school, the 6.8% – 11% interest rates on student loans, and the swell of buyers in the industry. This combination has resulted in many new graduates with over $350,000 of student loan debt. 

Many young dentists have a misconception that they should work 3-4 years to pay down student loans before buying. We are seeing more and more new doctors go this route missing the opportunity to attain the often significantly higher earnings, which can be achieved as an owner versus as an associate.

NDP frequently lectures on this topic and would be happy to advise you how to effectively handle this debt. Likewise, we work with banks that can often incorporate your student loan debt within the practice loan, creating huge benefit from a financial planning perspective. Please contact us to set up a call to strategize about your student loans and how these debt payments can fit into your path to ownership.