Resource Partners

If you are dental student, a resident, an associate, a new dentist looking to acquire a practice or an established doctor looking to improve your practice, we want to guide you!

NDP works closely with dozens of vendors in the dental industry and it’s our goal to provide you with value from the beginning of our relationship and to become your trusted advisor. If we aren’t the experts, we know who is and can guide you to the best possible solutions. We have partnered with qualified and experienced service providers that specialize in the dental industry in each of the following areas:

Demographics: It’s critical to research or confirm a location based on number of dentists in the area, income per household and target patient age. Likewise, it’s important to discuss marketing tactics and the most efficient ways to market to your potential patient base. The initial reports and coaching provided by these resources are often provided on a complimentary basis. This is done to build a relationship with you so that you may consider them for your future marketing needs.

Banking/Lending: It’s important that you speak with banks that specialize in dentistry so they understand what you are considering and can set realistic expectations. Even the decision to purchase, refinance, etc. is one to two years in the future, it is imperative for you to understand what banks require for acquisition loans related to dental practices. What level of personal cash they will want to see you have accumulated, what they think of your existing debt and how much they are willing to loan are critical components you will want to understand so you can adequately prepare. We have developed strong relationships with some of the top lenders in dentistry and understand the financing process.

Accounting & Financial Planning: NDP recommends that you find an accounting firm and financial planner (these don’t have to be the same firm) who can assist you in the many decisions you will have to make as an owner and soon to be owner. These financial decisions will impact you in the short and long term, so it’s essential that you find a firm who can guide you and who you trust.

Insurance: Banks require specific insurance for certain loans so it is important that you work with a dental specific insurance broker that can shop the right products for you. It’s also essential that you trust the agent you utilize who is on-board with your long term plans so they do not sell you products that you don’t need or products with inflated coverages and, in the end, inflated premiums.

Practice Management Consultants: There are times you need a consultant to improve one or more aspects of the practice. Marketing, website development, new patient flow, office systems, billing, case presentation, office construction, and new equipment needs are just some of the areas where the advice of an outside consultant can be critical. Hygiene consultants and consultants who focus solely on a specific dental specialty can often be warranted.

Student Loan Resources: One of the most significant changes in dentistry since 2006 is the dramatic increase in the costs of dental school, the 6.8% – 11% interest rates on student loans, and the swell of buyers in the industry. This combination has resulted in many new graduates with over $350,000 of student loan debt. There are institutions that can help manage this debt and NDP can help you understand how you can become an owner, regardless of your level of debt.

Website & Search Engine Marketing:  In the digital age, to take your practice to the next level, a dental practice marketing campaign should include  Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click marketing and Click Thru optimized website design specific to the dental market. We have resources that have industry leading tracking  and reporting, and can effectively maximize the ROI for dentist’s digital marketing budget.  

Internal Referral Marketing: The patients are often the biggest under utilized marketing resource a dental practice has.  NDP has contacts with a premier company who utilizes exceptional products integrated with a internal referral  campaign to help expand your patient base and reward existing patients for their loyalty!


Contact us to learn more about these resources and we can put you in contact with the experts you need!