Finding the Opportunity

Hey guys! On Episode 2 of Transition Talk we discussed how to find the right ownership opportunity.  Sometimes it’s easy, and where you ultimately want to go geographically there are some great opportunities.  Other times….that isn’t quite the case.  We are big fans of marketing yourself to find YOUR opportunity – if you don’t no one […]

Dental School Debt

Don’t let your student debt load crush your ownership dreams According to the American Dental Education Association the average dental school debt per graduating senior is $287,331. That’s a 72% increase over the last decade and it doesn’t even take into account the cost of a residency. At NDP we often see debts of $400,000 […]

Communication Reminders

In our world, much like in yours, people are our greatest asset. Our organization recently had a speaker at a staff development meeting; his name was Mr. Michael Allosso and his message was how to be “You on Your Best Day”. It was a fascinating topic, and honestly, many of us left with a bit […]

NDP Creates Win-Win Practice Transitions: A Case Study

The Goal Successfully transitioning a dental practice is involves a lot more than just numbers. When all is said and done, and you’ve bought or sold a practice, you’ve spent months, if not a few years, researching practice valuations, real estate, office equipment, salaries, legal requirements, etc. For many, the idea of beginning this process […]

The “3-Day-a-Week” Owner

This article was originally published in “The Profitable Dentist”, Winter 2017 edition During our travels all over the country, and conversations with students, we have noticed one common theme when it comes to post-graduation goals. The dream of maintaining a healthy work life balance by working a three-day-work week. Sounds nice of course, but how […]

Transition Resources

The Buyer’s Checklist: A Guide to a Successful Dental Practice Transition   Whether you just graduated from dental school or you’ve been practicing for 10 years, the idea of buying a dental practice can be a bit overwhelming. Where should you practice? What is a practice worth? How updated should the practice be? How long […]

Women in Dentistry: The flexibility and reward of ownership

The following article was published in the Fall 2017 issue of “Dental Entrepreneur” magazine – Enjoy!   The choice to own your own dental practice is, of course, applicable to both men and women; however, even today it is hard to deny the extra sociological pressure that a woman carries in the workforce. Much of […]

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