Truth About Practice Ownership

Thinking about Buying a Dental Practice?   The Math that Corporate Does Not Want You to See   If you were to interview the last 20,000 dental students or residents that completed their programs in the past four years you will hear a common theme.  The prevailing concern of graduates is how to get out of […]

Bringing on a Dental Associate? 10 Steps to Success!

Bringing on a Dental Associate? Here’s the 10 Step Recipe to Ensure Success. All great meals require a recipe and ingredients that make it perfect.  Creating a great dental partnership is no different. Using more than two decades of experience managing and observing these transitions, we have created that perfect recipe.  Here are the 10 ingredients you’ll […]

A Dental Valuation and Your Practice

Dental Valuation and Your Practice How much is my dental practice worth? This is one of the most common questions we receive in regards to a dental valuation and it’s completely understandable. There are numerous factors to consider in calculating the value of any dental practice, and many of them and how they impact a […]

Let Us Help You with Buyer’s Consulting! If all of the aspects of owning your own dental practice overwhelm you, let an experienced team who knows the dental industry and understands dental practice transitions guide you through one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make. NDP offers a complimentary overview of your opportunity and can work in your corner as [...]

To Buy or Not to Buy….that is the Question!

Buying a dental practice is one of the largest financial decisions you will make. Here at NDP, we want to make sure your buying experience is done right and you feel secure and knowledgeable about the entire process. We can help you find a practice that fits your needs!

The Value of a Valuation

For some, a valuation is a mystic novel of unnecessary words, numbers and calculations only to be understood or decoded by those who are financially trained.  If you have had the opportunity to review more than one valuation you know that they run the gamut – some are very descriptive,  some have extensive charts and graphs and most have varying degrees of detail about the practice being valued.  If you find yourself in the situation to buy or sell a practice, what you will also find is that this “cryptic” and sometimes confusing document can also bear significant weight in the practice transition process.  It is used by banks and advisors on both sides of the transaction and in most cases, greatly influences the asking price of the practice.

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