Lior Goldstein

Lior Goldstein graduated from Touro College in New York, NY with a B.S. in Mathematics and founded and managed Fangate, a company that specializes in providing premium, customizable tailgating services at NFL games.  He joined NDP in 2016 as a financial analyst and provides both valuation and consulting services to clients. 

He enjoys assisting clients as they navigate one of the most important decisions of their lives. Through his experience  in building a business, he understands how having the right people on your team can matter.  He is passionate about imparting that knowledge to his clients to help them as they build their business.  He believes that, “The more extensive a man’s knowledge of what has been done, the greater will be his power of knowing what to do”.  His goal is to ensure that all clients feel that sense of confidence in their choices throughout their transition journey.

Lior and his wife Aliza are both originally from South Florida and enjoy their free time outdoors especially with their baby boy, Jonah. He also enjoys playing a competitive game of basketball and is always interested in a good book, no matter the topic.