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Buy a practice

NDP can help you find the practice that suits your needs – whether an associate to partner position or a practice to purchase and make your own.

Transition a Practice

NDP wants to help you transition your life’s work and the relationships you’ve built with both your patients and staff... to the right person.

Consulting Services

Let NDP work in your corner as you purchase a practice, or as you, the seller, transition your practice to your associate.

Valuation Services

What’s your practice worth? NDP’s knowledgeable team can determine the market value of your practice as you look to transition.

  • I was very impressed with NDP. They helped me evaluate, negotiate, and carry through an entire acquisition to purchase a dental practice. They always seemed to really have my interest in mind, even when it may not have benefited them directly. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone looking to purchase a dental practice.

    Dr. Derek Williams, General, Texas

  • I would not be in my own, successful, dental practice today if it wasn't for NDP. I knew nothing about practice transitions and all of the aspects that were involved.  They handled everything - the initial practice numbers review, the additional advisor referrals, as well as providing solid advice and guidance every step of the way. One cannot afford to NOT use them. It was the best money spent in investing in my future!

    Louisa Berman- Plaisance, Prosthodontist, Georgia

  • I can honestly say that engaging NDP has been one of the best investments in my lifetime!

    Dr. Steve Rayes, Pediatric, Vermont

  • I am very impressed with National Dental Placements. They guided me every step of the way. They found an outstanding associate who now is my partner. They structured a deal that was truly win/win.  

    Dr. Cinco Feuille, Periodontist, El Paso, Texas

  • When I started my search to purchase a dental practice I knew very little about how to do it.  NDP was a great help to me.  From the start, they guided me step by step in evaluating different practices until I found a good fit for me.  They also referred me to various professionals along the way who were also excellent to work with.  NDP continued strong to the end to help provide a smooth transition.  I would certainly work with them again if I had to do this all over again.

    Dr. Ken Wylie, General, Oregon

  • The process of evaluating and selling your practice after 40 years of performing dentistry is, perhaps, one area most of us are clueless about, or have our own ideas. Allowing National Dental Placements to guide you in this process will be the best investment, both financially and emotionally, for you at this time of life. I highly encourage you to allow this QUALITY team to walk you down this path, which they made so smooth for me.

    Dr. C. Lynn Davis, Orthodontist, Texas

  • National Dental Placement did a very professional analysis and evaluation of my dental practice. [NDP] was a pleasure to work with and the valuation was done in a timely manner. The final number combined with the thoroughness of the report expedited a very smooth office transition. I would highly recommend working with National Dental Placement for any of their services.

    Dr. Charles Puntillo, General, Wisconsin

  • "I wanted to thank you again for helping me purchase my dental practice. The transition was smooth and things are going great!"

    Dr. Aaron Stump, Pediatric, Virginia

  • I gave an exact criteria of what we were looking for including post graduate requirements when my partner and I engaged NDP. Within a matter of months, we were presented several candidates, but I knew they found the right one when they said, 'We think we found your partner.' We interviewed Shane and he has been with us ever since. They listened to what we were looking for and found us the perfect match. Thank you.

    Dr. Wilson Lo, General, Texas

  • NDP was so easy to work with, very attentive and “on the ball” with keeping the process rolling smoothly. During the negotiations they were very professional and were able to accomplish most of our goals without ruffling any feathers or damaging new relationships.

    Dr. Jeremy Manuele, Orthodontist, Nevada


Searching for a Dental Practice for Sale?  Are You Looking to Buy a Dental Practice? 

NDP has over 15 years of experience in the dental industry and understands dental practice transitions. Whether you are a young dentist looking to make the jump into ownership or the established doctor looking to bring on a partner, retire or move onto the next challenge in your life, NDP understands the potential opportunities and pitfalls and can facilitate the transition process to ensure you get where you want to go successfully. Through Practice Listings, Valuation Services and both Buyers and Sellers Transition Consulting, NDP is here to assist whatever stage you may be in and offers a complimentary review of your opportunity or practice. Contact us today to learn more!

Let NDP help find the right practice for you!

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